Originally designed as a leadership development
and pre-hire assessment for corporate clients,
PQSuccess was soon found to be a positive
indicator of relationship success in both business
and personal relationships.

The MindGoal Method is a goal achievement
strategy that features guided imagery, visualization
and music on audio files and a personality type
indicator that gives us guidelines for designing
programs with your personality type in mind.

The link to
 3 audio MP3 files and the PQ
Personality Self-Test will be emailed to you
upon receipt of your order.

In-person or SKYPE contact available: Fee Schedule.
THIS could be the smartest advance wedding gift
ever or early business investment, and the most
visionary business move you will ever make. Maybe
the wisest ten grand you'll ever spend.

$10,000. Ticket covers 2 potential partners, all
food, lodging and gratuities at a seaside resort.
Refund of $1,000 for travel rebated upon arrival.