Originally developed as a leadership development
and pre-hire assessment for corporate clients,
PQSuccess was soon found to be a positive indicator
of relationship success in both business
personal relationships. When potential partners (in
business or life) each take the
they gain valuable insights and learn
about the most effective communication style to use
with each other. Leadership development is
especially valuable and beneficial to successful sales
people who are promoted into management.

PQSuccess program comes with personal
one-to-one (or partner) sessions that incorporate
guided imagery, visualization, meditation and
exercises designed to take participants to an
enlightened new perspective on their relationships.

PQSuccess program also comes with 2 PQ
Success Assessments - personality type and
communication style indicators, a PIE (Primary Inner
Exploration exercise) and a Daily Pocket Journal of
affirmations and space for personal entries on your
journey to improved relationships and communication
Comes with One-On-One Personal
Skype Sessions with Jeff Belyea.

To order a personal assessment online for $49 each
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PQSuccess Assessment