The MindGoal Method is a goal achievement strategy that features guided imagery,
visualization and music on audio files and a personality type indicator that gives us guidelines
for designing programs with your personality type in mind. The link to
 MP3 files or CDs and
the PQ Personality Self-Test will be emailed to you upon receipt of your order.

In-person or SKYPE contact available: Fee Schedule.
The Mindgoal Method 4-week online weight loss program includes:

• PQ Personality Type Indicator with tips for your food attitude
• PIE Primary Inner Exploration, a goalsetting exercise
• Weekly Essays on weight loss strategies
3 MP3 audio file tracks or CDs with visualization, guided meditation
• Mystic Heart Mediation teachings

The Mindgoal Method starts with PQ Assessment, a personality type indicator, a PIE (yes!) or Primary Inner Exploration, a goalsetting
template; then each week essays such as the one below, along with a weekly audio file MP3 with recorded guided meditation
narratives over music and nature sounds. Mindgoal introduces The Mystic Heart Meditation teachings. We aim high. We even use
the metaphor of The Astral Adventure.

Wireless Transmission

When the brain train Is so noisy that we no longer listen to our heart, and we feel the uneasiness of a vagabond rather than the
effortless life of one with a loving heart, we can stop and listen. It's called meditation. Meditation is a sort of reverse listening. We
quiet the mind in order to "hear" our inner wisdom - a message of sorts that reveals another side of us. It comes subtly as we listen
for that Wisdom Whisper from the heart, as taught in The Mystic Heart Meditation. In meditation, the brain/heart connection
communicates on a different level. There is a quiet listening via a two-way device called the breath. We can send direct healing and
weight loss messages to the heart.

This quiet listening and directed messaging is a healing technique, a relaxation technique, a goal achievement strategy, and
potentially a door opener to a transcendent shift to a new perspective on life. It's a quiet reprieve from the hustle bustle, and a time for
us to just enjoy the pleasant feeling of deep relaxation for a time. With practice, meditation has a residual effect; that is, we can feel
the relaxation more and more on a very subtle level...until we no longer feel the uneasiness of the vagabond, but rather we enjoy the
effortless life of a loving heart.

We now live day-to-day with a quiet mind and peaceful feeling as our most common state of mind. And in this state of mind, we
make more mindful choices in all aspects of our lives. So we can see how this applies to making healthy choices when it comes to
eating and drinking, and other ways of taking care of our body. If we put our mind to it, the body wisdom will do the rest. BTW, that
body wisdom is under the direction of the heart.

To be continued.