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Certified Meditation Practitioners Course $3995
13-week online or in-class course
in The Mindgoal Method

Careers in private practice, meditation center, corporate, health and wellness centers as well as
pubiic and private/group medical practices. This course includes website and ecommerce development.

Successful graduates will be certified to offer the following programs online or in-person/class at $329
each. Manuals, materials and royalty on Guided Meditation audio files used in each program costs t\o
Certified Meditation Teachers/Practitioners is $49.95

• Job Stress Management - How to become less reactionary and more mindful with Meditation

• Weight Loss - From overweight to WOW! We'll show you how.

• Smoking Cessation - Kick Nicotine's Butt and knock out that Nicotine Nag

• Sports Performance Improvement - The calm mind allows for peak performance

• PQ Success Assessment - Relationship coaching based on personality type and communication style

• Spiritual Guidance- MBA program. The Meditation Breakthrough Awakening (Separate exam)

Certified by
Mystic Heart School of Meditation, Since 1975